This Changes Everything!!

  • A Breakthrough in Maintaining your Cat’s Claws!!
  • Years in the Making, So Advanced it’s Simple!!
  • The Mission is to Provide a Safe and Humane Alternative to Declawing Cats!!


An Emery Board Litter Box Liner!

  • A Peel and Stick Liner That Helps Reduce Your Feline’s Claw Sharpness
  • Works on the Cat’s Natural Instinct to Scratch Its Litter Box
  • Helps Reduce Furniture Damage and Minimizes Personal injury
  • Upgrades and Customizes Your existing Litter Box in Minutes
  • Long-Lasting, Washable, Removeable, and Effective
  • Makes Your Cat More User-Friendly
  • For Cats of All Ages
  • Recycled Materials

Attention Cat Lovers!

cutest kitten image, best manicure products for cats, www.kitty-cure.comDoes your cat – or if you’re lucky enough to have more than one, do your cats – have the problem of keeping their little kitty claws prim and proper? Well, we have a super solution for your cats, all while keeping a conscientious mind on our environment! What is this spectacular product you may ask? It is Kitty-Cure (Get it? Instead of manicure, Kitty-Cure😏)

We all know how important it is for cats to keep their claws trimmed down and the LAST, most inhumane thing one should do is declaw your cat. Kitty-Cure offers your cat a HUMANE and safe option to keep their claws trimmed, thus avoiding issues that can arise if their claws grow too long – not to mention avoiding the torn drapes, shirts, blouses, handbags, pants, dresses, skirts, couch cushions, table legs…well, you get our point.

Yes, Kitty-Cure is a very humane and safe-for-the-environment way of keeping our kitties’ claws “trimmed” and, thus, keeping them happy – and we all LOVE when our cats are happy, don’t we?

And, the best part is all you have to do is place the Kitty-Cure product underneath and/or around their litter box. So when your cat has her or his private moments and they’re done doing their very polite business, cats then use their claws to cover up their mess by clawing the contents of their litter box. This is where the magic happens, as your cat claws the contents, the Kitty Cure strips that you’ve placed underneath are there to act as their own esthetician trimming down their claws to their delight.

You simply stick the adhesive side down and pat firmly in place where your cat is likely to claw. The side that is exposed, for lack of a better description, is like an emery board for your cats. So as your cat claws this side, the surface trims down their claws. The Kitty Cure strips are water resilient, so moisture isn’t an issue. And, the best part (okay so there are a few “best parts” about our product) is that the Kitty Cure strips are made of all biodegradable materials, as is the packaging of our products! What can we say, we love our cats and we love our environment!

Kitty-Cure, cat manicure
Kitty-Cure, cat manicures

About Us

We simply love cats and want to offer you, as fellow cat lovers, a very healthy, safe, environmentally-friendly option to help trim down your cat’s claws and avoid a very harmful, inhumane declawing. (Okay, that was a little lengthy, but, hey, we’re passionate about our cause for trimmed claws!)

What we really want to dedicate this page to is our cats and why it’s important to help them keep their claws trim.

🐱 For one, if you have an outdoor cat, if you declaw your cat, how are they supposed to defend themselves? That may be a bit difficult against your neighborhood bully bird if your cat has no claws!

🐱 Secondly, and especially as your cat ages a bit, they become less active and they won’t be able to keep up with trimming their claws. In this case, your cat’s claws lengthen to a point where they curve back into their pads, piercing them, and thus probably cause an infection in the process.

🐱 And, of course, you want to be able to have your cat close to you at times and, if their claws are lengthy and sharp, your cats inadvertently scratch you, your clothes, and whatever else you have on you.


The Kitty Cure Cat Manicure is simply about keeping your cat healthy and the two of you happy!

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