My wife and I are enjoying two promising benefits of Kitty-Cure — and so is our beloved Elsa!

The specially designed abrasive pad covering the bottom of Elsa’s litter box is a logical and natural means by which the tips of her claws get filed when she digs and covers. Brilliant idea! I was sold on the whole concept the moment I first learned of it.

Best of all, my wife and I have noticed that when we play with Elsa we’re not experiencing the sharp inadvertent sticks of her nails into our fingers, hands and arms. There’s no question this is due to Kitty-Cure.

An added bonus — one we’re introducing gradually to our cat — is the Kitty-Cure wand. When we get the opportunity, we hold Elsa’s paws, squeeze them gently, and rub them across the wand surface. She’s understandably not wild about the idea, but she also doesn’t bolt from it as I originally suspected she would. That’s going to be a gentle and gradual process, until she can become more comfortable with it.

Kitty-Cure is honestly the long-awaited option we’ve been looking for to clipping Elsa’s nails. It’s something that literally kept me up at night worrying about. Hopefully no more!


Two front paws up for Kitty-Cure!



Paul Chimera

Buffalo, New York