A Nail File for your Litter Box!

Kitty Cure is a long-lasting, safe, washable, peel-and-stick cat manicure litter box liner that helps reduce your cat’s claw sharpness. No other product is as easy or works as well, and if you give us the chance, we’ll show you why!

Product Details
  • A Peel and Stick Liner That Helps Reduce Your Feline’s Claw Sharpness
  • Works on the Cat’s Natural Instinct to Scratch Its Litter Box
  • Helps Reduce Furniture Damage and Minimizes Personal injury
  • Upgrades and Customizes Your existing Litter Box in Minutes
  • Safe, Long-Lasting, Washable, Removable, Effective, and Gentle
  • Makes Your Cat More User-Friendly
  • For Cats of All Ages